Portable Camping Cookware Set

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Fire Maple Camping Cookware Set Hiking FEAST Heat-exchanger Aluminium Pot Outdoor Foldable Pots Travel  Tourism Tableware Dishes

Brand Name: Fire-Maple

Color: Orange Black Gray

Sport: Hiking Camping Travel

Use: Fry Boil Water Soup

Camping Pot: Aluminum Cooking Set

Material: Hard Anodized Aluminium / Stainless Steel

Weight: 764grams


Item Features:

1. Durable & Compact - Made of hard anodized aluminum, with foldable and lockable handle;

2. High Efficiency - The heat exchanger increases by 30% heat efficiency than more camping kettle;

3. Drain Holes - All the lids in the set feature drain holes for easy straining of noodles, pasta, etc.

Set Item Information:

Size of Frypan: 307 x 174 x 42mm

Size of Pot: 303 x 168 x 122mm

Size of Kettle: 153 x 153 x 141mm


Your Package Includes:

1 * 1.5L Cookpot

1 * 0.8L Kettle

1 * 0.7L Griddle Pan

1 * Protective net cover

NOTE: The handle is not fire-resistant. It will melt over if placed directly over a campfire.