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Product: .22cal 5.56mm Barrel Cleaning Brush Kit for AR15 M16 M4 Rifle Tube Brushes Full Set of Gun Cleaning Maintenance Tool Accessories

Type: M4 Gun Tube Cleaning Brush Kit

Support: .22cal, 5.56mm Rifle Gun

Name: Rifle Gun Cleaning Brush Kit

Model Number: Hunting Rifle Cleaning Kit

Material: Metal Cleaning Brushes

Features: 8.6 oz Standard 8-32 Threads

Application: AR15 M16 Rifle Gun Cleaning Accessories


AR 15 and M16 Field/Emergency/Range Cleaning Kit, for .223 Caliber, 5.56mm rifle or shotgun with a portable Olive Green Pouch.

The cleaning kit is equally effective with any AR-15 model, including all variances in barrel weight, length, and caliber, as well as gas or piston operating systems. Our kit can even be used on the modern M4 variation.

Keeping your M16& AR 15 in working condition is of utmost importance and this gun cleaning kit is more of a necessity rather than an accessory. It features Mil-Spec standards and quality, offering you a very close substitute to the original military issue.

In order to keep your field load to a minimum, our field cleaning kit is light and packed tightly into an olive drab holster. The holster features a belt attachment for easy access, allowing you to remedy any jams without needing to dig through equipment to find your cleaning kit.


Package included:

1 x 22 Cal brass brush

1 x 22 Cal chamber brush

1 x Plastic oil bottle

2 x Patch holder

4 x Rifle rods

1 x Double-end nylon cleaning brush

1 x Canvas pouch : 25cm x 10cm