Rotating Double-Layer Anti Riot Shield

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Top, Best Selling, Double layer Police riot shield with a rotation function.


Professional High Strength Round Double Layer Small Anti Riot Police Shield

Customized logo and packaging: Minimum order of 100 units

Product Name: Police riot shield with rotation function
Material Science: High-quality double-layer PC board
Specification: 660mm x 660mm x 4.0mm
Weight: 2.78kg
Protection Area: 0.43meter squared

Light transmittance: >85%

Puncture resistance: 147J kinetic energy puncture standard

Impact strength: 147J kinetic energy impact standard

Strength of connecting belt: >500N

Supply Ability 5,000,000 Pieces per Month
Packaging & Delivery Details: 4pcs/Carton(69 x 69 x 48cm)