High-Quality Tent Pegs

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Product: Tent Peg Screw Type

Outdoor Camping Tent Peg Ground Nails Screw Anchor Stakes Pegs Hiking Tent Stakes Pins Tent Accessories

Type: Pocket, Multi Tools

Specification: 14.5cm in length

Applicable scene: Snow, frozen soil, mountaineering, camping, barbecue, mud grass

Material: ABS

Weight: About 20g each

Size: 14.5cm/5.7in height, 7cm/2.75in width

Color: Black








Note for tents:

Please set up a tent on a flat and high place; remove sharp objects from the bottom; set up a tent normally, and use ground nails and windproof ropes appropriately to stabilize the tent; when using the tent, pay attention to avoid chemicals, keep away from fire sources, and pay attention after storing the tent Dust-proof and moisture-proof, avoid direct sunlight; if it rains, you can dig a drainage ditch for drainage.