Earmuff Bluetooth Communicator

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Earmuff Bluetooth Communicator. Hunting Noise Reduction Bluetooth Headset for OPS Core ARC and Wendy M-LOK Sound Pickup Helmet Shooting Rechargeable Tuning

  • Type: Noise Reduction Earmuff Communication Headset
  • Suitable head circumference: 52-62cm
  • Size: 10cm x 9.6cm x 22cm
  • Net weight: 0.53kg
  • Name: Noise Reduction Tactical Bluetooth Earmuffs
  • Bluetooth technology
  • PTT sold separately
  • Main material: Nylon 35 fiber

Electronic shooting earmuffs/tactical Bluetooth headset/for ops core arc and Wendy M-LOK helmet/hunting earmuffs/rechargeable


  1. After upgrading the Bluetooth connection, turn the Bluetooth switch upward, and the blue LED flashes. Now, the headset can be paired with a mobile phone, making calls and listening to songs.
  2. Left and right interchangeable microphones Microphones and lower cables can be quickly interchanged on the left and right sides according to user habits
  3. Isolation of interference pickup and noise reduction Using intelligent audio processing, multiple noise reduction technologies allow you to hear the surrounding environment at the same time
  4. Micro USB charging This product has a built-in 480mAh lithium battery, which can be used for a long time. The charging port has a rubber dust ring
  5. Battery life description 1. Bluetooth standby for about 72 hours 2. Turn on Bluetooth mode for about 30 hours 3. Turn on noise reduction mode for about 48 hours
  6. Configured with two adapters for both OPSCoreARC and TeamWendyM-LOK rails
  7. Waterproof rubber plug The microphone and the lower outlet are equipped with special waterproof rubber plugs, which can effectively prevent dust and water from entering and prolong the life of the headset

Product accessories:

Headphone*1, Microphone*1, Communication Cable*1, Helmet Connector*2, Rail Conversion*2, Packing Box, Storage Bag, PTT, Tools

Note: This product needs to be used with PTT (PTT included as a gift)