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Tactical Laser Range Finder


Laser Wavelength: 905nm

Working Temperature: 20-50 degrees celcius.

Ranging Scope: 5m - 1000m

Ranging Error: +/- 0.5m

Ranging Resolution: 0.1m

Angle Ranging Scope: 0-90 degrees

Angle Ranging Accuracy: 0.30 degrees

Angle Display Resolution: 0.1 degrees

Power Supply: Lithium Battery / CR-2(3V) Rechargeable

Focusing Mode: Manual focusing eyepiece

Ranging Display Mode: Transmissive LCD display in the field of view

Ranging Method: Semiconductor laser ranging (Safe for human eyes)

Certificates: CE, ROHS, & FCC

Product Size: 96mm x 34mm x 67mm

Weight: 140g

Telescope Object Diameter: 24mm

Lens Quality: Multilayer Coated

Operating Humidity: Equal to or Less Than 80%

Exit Pupil DIameter: 3.1mm

Exit Pupil Distance: 12.1mm

Protections Glass: IP54

Telescrope magnefication: 6.5X