Load Carriage Ensemble LCE

iTACTICALi Load Carriage Ensemble (LCE) or Fighting Load optimizes combatants' mobility while carrying mission-essential Major Equipment Items (MEIs). 

Our Integrated load carriage ensemble and combat body armor system is capable of providing protection without significantly restricting the maneuverability of the combatant whilst carrying mission essential equipment. By using an Integrated Attachment System (IAS), add-on components are interchangeable allowing the individual to adjust the set-up according to the operational task:

iTACTICALi LCE comprises the following systems:

iTACTICALi ACE Modular Tactical Vest (MTV). Our ATS ACE MTV is optimized for protection and mobility. Our design features add-on modular scalable components which allow the user to rapidly change protection levels according to the operational environment or mission requirements.

Modular Combat Belt, webbing/load carriage harness enables the independent carriage of lighter combat loads.

The Universal Pistol Holster, Double-Triple mag pouch, Phone vest panel board, Fast helmet cover with counterweightLight-weight mesh dump pouchIFAKand the Hydration Bag or a Marching load Modular Carry-All Bag (MCAB) for carrying mission essential items (MEIs).

Padded Single Point Rifle Sling for enabling the end user to sling a weapon in a manner that permits them to freely use both hands for required tasks.

Military Load Carriage Ensemble