iTACTICALi is your One-Stop Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) solution for high-quality, customized Law Enforcement Supply and Equipment, specific tactical military-grade gear needs. We can custom design for you, make & modify equipment to be tougher, more supportive, more versatile, tested, mass produce, and deliver your products in time (INCOTERMS).

We guarantee lightweight law enforcement supplies and equipment for a better end-user experience. Browse through our Advanced Combat Ensemble (ACE) or on our law enforcement supply and equipment collection

(Services: iTACTICALi Offers Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) and/or Original Design Manufacture (ODM) solutions.)

(Note: Customizations are for 100pieces+ orders only.)

(Color Notes: Black is mainly for special forces and/or other government department's service uniforms, all types of camouflage cryptic coloration are available upon request for your specific bulk order needs.) 

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