Hydration and Food Kit HFK

Our iTACTICALi HFK is comprised of; a 3L Water Hydration Bladder, a 3,000Liters Portable Water Filtration System2x 5L Portable Water Containers, a 1000W Portable Stove Kit, and a Multi-functional Spork. Our 3L hydration bladder is mountable with our ACE CBRN Full Face Gas Mask.

Stay Energized, Stay Prepared! Our Hydration and Food Preparation Kit is your ultimate solution for nourishment on the go. Crafted for adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts, and emergency preparedness, this kit provides the essentials. Keep hydrated and well-fed with our assortment of hydration solutions and easy-to-prepare meals. Whether you go hiking, camping, or preparing for unexpected situations, this kit is your reliable companion. Compact, convenient, and tailored for any adventure, our Hydration and Food Preparation Kit is your ticket to staying refreshed and fueled. Don't let hunger or thirst slow you down—get your kit and stay ready for anything!