Head Protection Ensemble HPE

iTACTICALi Head Protection Ensemble (HPE). Our iTACTICALi HPE collection is designed ultra-lightweight, with maximum situational awareness for the combatant.

Our iTACTICALi HPE includes:

iTACTICALi Tiered Combat Helmet (TCH). Our iTACTICALi TCH is Future Assault Shell Technology (FAST) NIJ IIIA PE Protection level with accessory NVG mount and rails.

iTACTICALi Ballistic and Laser Ocular Protection System (BLOPS) Goggles. The role of our ATS BLOPS Goggles is to provide personnel with limited ocular protection from a range of environmental and battlefield threats, without compromising situational awareness. It comprises spectacles and goggles with interchangeable lenses for different environmental scenarios.

iTACTICALi Combat Hearing Protection (CHP). Our choice of iTACTICALi CHP is the newest EARMOR Bluetooth Communicator Earmuff. It is ultra-light-weight, provides protection against harmful battlefield noises, and provides situational awareness and radio communications interfaces, to cater to varying levels of hearing protection required for communication.